The Logos Foundation is focused on building contributing, respectful, informed members of society.

Our mission is to provide real-world knowledge and growth to members through our resources. We help build strong productive members of society through professional mentorship in a Judeo-Christian environment. We’re passionate about helping college-age students improve their situations and therefore opportunities to achieve more while in and after college.
“Learning does not just consist of formal classroom education.”
-Serge Traylor, Board Member
Finding Candidates
Our selection process is overseen by our board of trustees. We seek out strong, young individuals who have the potential to succeed and lead. The students come from many diverse backgrounds and social economic situations.
We pair selected students with mentors and expose the students to real-life situations so they may understand how best to maximize their opportunities and choices.
Life-long Communication
After successfully preparing members for the world and how to interact in a positive contributing manner, we hold multiple events around the region to keep in touch. Many of our members come back to mentor others.

Do not let formal education get in the way of learning. Help us promote a method of thinking that enlightens and enhances students decision making.

Support Our Cause

Your donation supports awareness & programs for students to achieve their full potential.

The Logos Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, your donations are tax deductible. To learn more, please see our Donation button below or click here to download a PDF form for auto-draft.


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Annual Report

If you would like to see where how we invest in our community and the students which are the focus of the Logos Foundation, please read our annual report.

2016 Annual Report